Bild vom Freifunk-Standort auf der TU
Main Building of the TU Berlin
TU Berlin/Pressestelle/Ulrich Dahl,
Copyrighted free use, via Wikimedia Commons

What is the Freifunk-AG?

We are a group of students at TU Berlin. We especially like Freifunk and want to advance it by introducing it to teaching and science. At Freifunk-AG you can refine your skills in network technologies and embedded development and apply them in a hands-on manner. As we have strong connections to the Freifunk Berlin Community, the results of your work can get deployed in a wireless mesh network with about 750 nodes.

What does the Freifunk-AG do?

We meet regularly Tuesday evening at 18:00 (c.t.) in Room E131, above Café Shila. At Freifunk-AG we engage in several activities like operating a Freifunk-Site on TU, developing on the Freifunk-Firmware or just having a nice time in a casual atmosphere. You can finde more detailed information on our activities on the Projekt-Seite.

How can I contribute?

Join us and become an member of the club! Come to one of the meetings and get to know us. Hopefully seeing you soon at Freifunk-AG. :)